U-POL Easy 1 Lightweight Body Filler 3.5 Litre

Part no : UP0001

Stock : available

Very easy sanding polyester body filler ideal for larger repairs.

Pinhole free and exceptionally easy to sand even the next day.

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U-POL Smooth 7 Bodyfiller 3.5 Litre

Part no : UP0003

Stock : 0

Polyester body filler with good filling properties.

Smooth spreading with good adhesion and pinhole free.

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U-POL Tiger Seal Adhesive and Sealant Black 310ml

Part no : UP0010

Stock : available

Seal around windows, doors, and lights.

Completely and permanently seals seams.

Moisture displacing - can be used in wet environments.

Immediately paintable! Can be tooled and painted when wet, increasing productivity!

Permanently flexible - will not shrink.

Bonds to almost any surface, including: steel, aluminum, fiberglass, most plastics, brass, iron, glass, ceramics and wood.

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U-POL Top Stop Gold /Easy 3 Stopper 1.1 Litre Tin

Part no : UP0011

Stock : available

Multifunction polyester finishing filler suitable for a variety of substrates including galvanised.

Extra smooth spreading and pinhole free to provide the perfect substrate for painting.

Please note that image is for illustration purposes only and may slightly differ from the product you receive.

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U-POL Barcoat Quick Drying Isolator 1 Litre

Part no : UP00012

Stock : available

Single pack quick drying isolator.

Prevents lifting and bleeding of existing paint film sensitive to solvent attack.

Supplied ready for use and can be over-coated with a suitable primer in 1 hour.

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U-POL Fade Out Thinner Aerosol 500ml

Part no : UP00013

Stock : available

- High quality blending solvent to dissolve the edges of clear coats and solid colours.

- Can be used with all coatings, especially UHS. Ideal for SMART repairs.

- Clear in Colour.

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U-POL Isopon Zinc 182 Anti-Rust Primer 1 Litre

Part no : 130019

Stock : available

- Highly effective rust inhibiting single pack primer.

- Ideal for all ferrous metal surfaces. Supplied ready for use.

- Hardens to form tough durable coating which can be over painted.

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