Sealey GSA70 Mini Generation Air Orbital Sander

Part no : SL00003

Stock : available

- Composite cover moulded around lightweight aluminium alloy housing reduces effects of chill on operators hands and provides added control.

- Air motor with quality bearings for smooth and powerful operation.

- Fitted with safety release trigger control to prevent accidental operation.

- Exhaust outlet adjusts 360° keeping air flow away from operator.

- Supplied with Ø50mm pad and installation spanner.

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Sealey GSA722 Mini Generation Air Polisher 75mm

Part no : SL00004

Stock : available

- Textured grip and lightweight aluminium alloy housing provide comfort and control.

- Powerful air motor provides smooth operation under load.

- Supplied with 75mm hook-and-loop pad and spanner.

- Use with 79mm buffing and polishing heads.

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Sealey SA08 Air Palm Orbital Sander 150mm

Part no : SL00005

Stock : available

- Polycarbonate outer housing with soft rubber handgrip reduces hand chill and vibration.

- Fitted with dual bearings in eccentric assembly to maximise working life.

- Exhaust muffler helps reduce noise emission.

- Supplied with 150mm hook-and-loop pad.

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Sealey S01044 Random Orbital Air Sander 150mm

Part no : SL00006

Stock : available

- Durable, lightweight body with moulded handle, reducing chill effects and providing extra control.

- Fitted with dual exhaust ports and air control valve.

- Supplied with Ø150mm hook-and-loop pad.

- Ideal for the DIY enthusiast and light garage use.

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Sealey SG101 Angle Grinder 100mm 600w / 230v

Part no : SL00007

Stock : available

- Suitable for a variety of trade applications.

- Features heavy-duty alloy bevel gear head with composite body casing and spindle lock for fast loading/unloading of discs.

- 600W Heavy-duty motor develops powerful 11000rpm (no load speed).

- Supplied with side handle, guard and spanner.

- Fitted 3 metre power cable with BS approved non rewirable plug.

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Sealey HVLP731 Gravity Feed Touch-Up Spray Gun 0.8mm

Part no : SL00009

Stock : available

- Ideal for blowing-in small areas of panel where fine control of paint and air is necessary.

- Brass air cap with stainless steel needle and nozzle make this HVLP gun suitable for water based paint.

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Sealey MIG Gas Regulator Disposable Cylinder

Part no : SL00010

Stock : available

- Top quality regulators made to ISO 2503.

- Industrial regulators fit CO2, Argon and CO2/Argon mix gas cylinders, using adaptors where applicable.

- Suitable for mini refillable/disposable size gas cylinders.

- Maximum operating pressure of 4bar for all models.

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Sealey Air Operated Panel Dryer with Adjustable Airflow

Part no : SL00012

Stock : available

- Designed for drying water based paints.

- Lightweight, composite panel dryer operates on workshop air supply.

- Filter prevents airborne particles contaminating paint surface.

- Adjustable airflow to regulate as required.

- Ideal for localised or spot repair.

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Sealey ER1700 Polisher 180mm 1100W/230V Lightweight

Part no : SL00013

Stock : available

- Powerful 1100W motor enclosed in a lightweight housing.

- Maintains high torque levels at low speeds, ideal for polishing.

- Variable speed control from 600-3000rpm.

- Spindle lock for fast and easy pad/foam head changes.

- Supplied with side handle, backing pad and polishing bonnet.

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Sealey SG14 Underbody Coating Gun Air Operated

Part no : SL00014

Stock : available

- Professional coating gun suitable for automotive and general industrial applications.

- Accepts most popular types of 1 litre coating tins.

- Supplied with extended flexible nozzle for wax spraying cavities.

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Sealey SA2001R Air Regulator

Part no : SL00015

Stock : available

- Suitable for workshop air supply set-ups.

- Features locking control knob for pre-setting air pressure and pressure gauge.

- Supplied with wall bracket.

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Sealey Air Hose 20m x 8mm Hybrid High Visibility with 1/4

Part no : SL00019

Stock : available

- PVC and rubber blend offers more flexibility in temperatures as low as -40°C.

- High visibility for added safety around the workplace.

- No memory recoil effect allows the airline to lay flat.

- Manufactured in accordance with EN 2398.

- Features high grade TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) inner tube and outer coating, offering lightweight, superior bend radius and durability.

- Fitted with 1/4"BSP female swivel unions.

- Silicon-free for use in bodyshops.

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