3M Acryl Putty 05096 / 05098

Part no : 3M0005

Stock : available

An auto body repair putty designed with very easy sanding and fast drying characteristics for use in filling pinholes and scratches.

The red version is an auto body repair putty designed with good filling, sanding and drying characteristics for general purpose use in filling slightly larger pinholes and scratches.

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3M Maintenance Free Reusable Respirator 06941

Part no : 3M0006

Stock : available

Our range of reusable respirators protect against: industrial gases, vapours and particulate hazards.

These respirators offer top value and top quality.

They're not only safe, they're comfortable and easy to use.

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3M Superbuff Marine Polishing Pad 203mm 05704

Part no : 3M0007

Stock : available

General purpose blended wool polishing pad.

Produces excellent results on paint and gel coat systems.

Double sided for twice the usual buffing surface.

Stiffer centre hub for increased polishing power.

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3M Trizact Fine Finishing Disc P3000 Box of 15 50414

Part no : 3M0008

Stock : available

P3000 designed for refining scratches made by p1200/p1500 grade abrasive

3M Trizact technology ensures long life and consistent finish

For paint rectification. used correctly with water and followed by 3M compounds abrasive scratches will not re-appear.

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3M Perfect It Green Compound Pad 2 Pack 50487

Part no : 3M0009

Stock : available

Long lasting foam

Easily attached to 3M back-up pads

Suitable for use with a machine polisher and fast cut + compound

2 pads per pack

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3M Microfinishing Hookit Discs P1500 50238 Pack of 50

Part no : 3M0011

Stock : available

These Sanding Discs Are Designed To Form Part Of The Finishing Process On Production And Tooling Gelcoats.

Constructed Of High Performance, Aluminium Oxide Mineral.

Cuts Fast, Lasts Long, Resists Loading And Leaves A Consistent Finish.

50 Discs Per Pack.

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3M Fre-cut abrasive Paper Pack of 50

Part no : 3M0012

Stock : available

Intended to be used by hand.

Often used as a dry sanding alternative to 'Wetordry' abrasive paper.

Each sheet measures 230 mm x 280 mm.

Available in Grits; P120, P180, P240, P320, P400.

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3M Perfect it III Ultrafina High Gloss Polishing Pad 50388

Part no : 3M0015

Stock : available

Long lasting waffle foam

Easily attached to 3M back-up pads

Suitable for use with a machine polisher and ultrafina polish or polish rosa

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3M Panel Prep and Blend Liquid 500ml 09308

Part no : 3M0017

Stock : available

Fast application cleaning agent.

Removes grease, waxes, resins and silicones.

Leaves a uniform, matte finish.

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3M Scotch-Brit XT Purple Rigid Clean and Strip Disc Pack of 2

Part no : 3M0018

Stock : available

- Part of the industrial professional stores range.

- Silicon carbide disc.

- For pre and post-weld cleaning in metal fabrication.

- Significantly improved life.

- Superior performance in heavyier duty applications.

- For use with an angle grinder.

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3M Roloc P36 Discs Box of 50 22398

Part no : 3M0019

Stock : available

- Perfect For Grinding In Awkward To Reach Places.

- Durable And Long Lasting.

- Grinds Metal And Weld Removal.

- Coarse Grade.

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3M Underbody Schultz Coating 1 Litre 08861

Part no : 3M0020

Stock : available

Shutz black textured finish.

Flexible when dry.

Excellent one-coat coverage.

Touch dry in 1 hour and does not sag.

Not overpaintable.

Various textures can be achieved by altering spray technique.

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3M Scotch-Brite Pre-Cut Roll 35 Sheets 07904 / 07903

Part no : 3M0023

Stock : available

Extra fine copper pads for water based and critical colours.

Longer lasting, more economical.

Faster, easier scuffing improved abrasive, ultimate finish.

Improved abrasive, ultimate finish.

Choice of three grades for all scuffing.

Available in Grey or Purple.

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3M 50396 Hookit Soft Interface Pad

Part no : 3M0025

Stock : available

Conforms to contours for a finer finish with soft foam construction.

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3M Wet Or Dry Rubber Squeegee 05517

Part no : 3M0027

Stock : available

Flexible, sturdy rubber used for removing slush created when sanding or applying glazing putty and plastic filler.

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