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NEXA Autocolor 2K HS Plus Tinters

Price from £15.99 +VAT

NEXA AUTOCOLOR 2K HS Plus Tinters provide exceptional process speed and accurate colour matching giving maximum productivity, which saves booth time leading to increased profitability.


Available in the following Colours;

- 2K Pale White (P420-902)

- 2K Medium Pale Yellow (P420-903)

- 2K Transparent Black (P420-904)

- 2K Yellow Oxide (P420-905)

- 2K Red Oxide (P420-907)

- 2K Russet (P420-908)

- 2K Deep Blue (P420-910)

- 2K Violet (P420-920)

- 2K Super Red (P420-926)

- 2K Blue Lake (P420-930)

- 2K Blue Black (P420-933)

- 2K Tone Controller (P420-938)

- 2K Transoxide Red (P420-942)

- 2K Fast Blue (P420-952)

- 2K Reduced Magenta (P420-960)

- 2K Bronze Green (P420-975)

- 2K Strong Maroon (P420-977)

- 2K Brown (P420-978)

- 2K Transoxide Yellow (P420-982)

- 2K Strong Yellow (P420-983)

- 2K HS SLM Fine Aluminium (P421-993)

- 2K HS SLM Medium Aluminium (P421-995)

- 2K HS SLM Coarse Aluminium (P421-996)

- 2K HS Super White (P425-900)

- 2K Clean Red Violet (P425-919)

- 2K HS Claret (P425-921)

- 2K HS Lagoon Blue (P425-922)

- 2K HS Strong Red (P425-941)

- 2K HS Black (P425-948)

- 2K HS Jet Black (P425-950)

- 2K HS Blue Green (P425-954)

- 2K Super Blue Tinter (P425-956)

- 2K HS Fast Blue (P425-957)

- 2K HS Brilliant Red (P425-971)

- 2K Bright Medium Aluminium (P425-984)

- 2K HS Fine Aluminium (P425-985)

- 2K HS Medium Aluminium (P425-986)

- 2K HS Medium Coarse Aluminium (P425-987)

- 2K Coarse Aluminium (P425-988)

- 2K HS Very Coarse Aluminium (P425-989)

- 2K Fine Satin Aluminium Tinter (P425-991)

- 2K HS Shining Coarse Aluminium (P425-992)

- 2K HS Coarse Silver Dollar Aluminium (P425-998)

- 2K Blue Frost (P426-HE01)

- 2K Graphite Flake (P426-HE03)

- 2K Gold Flash (P426-HE04)

- 2K Orange Flash (P426-HE05)

- 2K Blue Flash (P426-HE07)

- 2K White Pearl (P426-PP05)

- 2K Fine Pearl (P426-PP06)

- 2K Pearl Blue (P426-PP07)

- 2K Red Pearl (P426-PP08)

- 2K Pearl Gold (P426-PP09)

- 2K Copper Pearl (P426-PP10)

- 2K Pearl White Ultrafine (P426-PP60)

- 2K Pearl Red Fine (P426-PP61)

- 2K Russet Pearl Fine (P426-PP62)

- 2K Pearl Blue Fine (P426-PP63)

- 2K Medium Violet Pearl (P426-PP64)

- 2K Medium Green Pearl (P426-PP65)

- 2K Pearl Orange (P426-PP68)

- 2K HS Bright Maroon (P429-923)

- 2K Pale Yellow (P429-937)

- 2K HS Clean Magenta (P429-961)

- 2K Deep Ankle Blue (P429-967)

- 2K Bright Amber (P429-972)

- 2K Bright Orange (P429-973)

- 2K HS Red Violet (P429-976)

- 2K Speed Red (P429-980)

- 2K Crystal Silver (P433-XR10)

- 2K Sunbeam Gold (P433-XR11)

- 2K Radiant Red (P433-XR12)

- 2K Galaxy Blue (P433-XR13)

- 2K Stellar Blue (P433-XR14)

- 2K Solaris Red (P433-XR15)

- 2K Fireside Copper (P433-XR16)

- 2K Cosmic Turquoise (P433-XR17)

- 2K Amethyst Dream (P433-XR18)

- 2K Autumn Mystery (P434-CS31)

- 2K Viola Fantasy (P434-CS32)

- 2K Arctic Fire (P434-CS33)

- 2K Tropic Sunrise (P434-CS34)



Safety Information is included in a PDF document on most listings or on the product packaging.

The items listed on this website are for use by trained professionals only. Some of these items are for industrial use only.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure these products are used in accordance with the manufacturers safety guidelines and meet local environmental legislation.

2K Isocyanate Paints are strictly for Professional Use Only.

For more information on our Health and Safety Chemical regulations please click here.


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