Promatic Stonechip Aerosol 500ml

Part no : 000118

Stock : available

SCW500 is an ideal stone chip and corrosion protection for underside of cars and wheel arches.

Availiable in three colours.

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Final Systems Brushable Seam Sealer 1KG

Part no : FS0003

Stock : available

Remains brushable for up to 15 minutes and stays flexible.

There is no sagging when vertically applied or stringing during application.

The adhesion properties are excellent once cured.

Can be overpainted.

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Stone-chip Coating 1 Litre

Part no : TE0001

Stock : available

Tough flexible protection against corrosion and stone-chips.

Resistant to petrol, oils, water and salt.

High build.


1 litre size.

Available in black, grey & white.

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3M Underbody Schultz Coating 1 Litre 08861

Part no : 3M0020

Stock : available

Shutz black textured finish.

Flexible when dry.

Excellent one-coat coverage.

Touch dry in 1 hour and does not sag.

Not overpaintable.

Various textures can be achieved by altering spray technique.

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U-POL Tiger Seal Adhesive and Sealant Black 310ml

Part no : UP0010

Stock : available

Seal around windows, doors, and lights.

Completely and permanently seals seams.

Moisture displacing - can be used in wet environments.

Immediately paintable! Can be tooled and painted when wet, increasing productivity!

Permanently flexible - will not shrink.

Bonds to almost any surface, including: steel, aluminum, fiberglass, most plastics, brass, iron, glass, ceramics and wood.

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Sikaflex 221 All Weather Sealant 300ml

Part no : SF0010

Stock : available

High strength construction adhesive. Fast curing time with powerful initial grab.

Multipurpose and permanently elastic. Also suitable for joint sealing and filling.

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Final Systems Polyurethane Adhesive & Sealant 310ml

Part no : FS0006

Stock : available

Single component quick curing, flexible non-sag multipurpose sealant.

Adheres to most common substrates. Once cured can be overpainted.

Availible in Grey, White or Black.

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MS Polymer Sealer Black 290ml

Part no : 000059

Stock : available

Solvent and isocyanate free.

Overpaintable - wet on wet.

Can be used for sealing, bonding and assembling.

Can be brushed out.

290ml cartridge.

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U-POL Barcoat Quick Drying Isolator 1 Litre

Part no : UP00012

Stock : available

Single pack quick drying isolator.

Prevents lifting and bleeding of existing paint film sensitive to solvent attack.

Supplied ready for use and can be over-coated with a suitable primer in 1 hour.

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