U-POL Smooth 7 Bodyfiller 3.5 Litre

Part no : UP0003

Stock : 0

Polyester body filler with good filling properties.

Smooth spreading with good adhesion and pinhole free.

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U-POL Tiger Seal Adhesive and Sealant Black 310ml

Part no : UP0010

Stock : available

Seal around windows, doors, and lights.

Completely and permanently seals seams.

Moisture displacing - can be used in wet environments.

Immediately paintable! Can be tooled and painted when wet, increasing productivity!

Permanently flexible - will not shrink.

Bonds to almost any surface, including: steel, aluminum, fiberglass, most plastics, brass, iron, glass, ceramics and wood.

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U-POL Barcoat Quick Drying Isolator 1 Litre

Part no : UP00012

Stock : available

Single pack quick drying isolator.

Prevents lifting and bleeding of existing paint film sensitive to solvent attack.

Supplied ready for use and can be over-coated with a suitable primer in 1 hour.

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U-POL Fade Out Thinner Aerosol 500ml

Part no : UP00013

Stock : available

- High quality blending solvent to dissolve the edges of clear coats and solid colours.

- Can be used with all coatings, especially UHS. Ideal for SMART repairs.

- Clear in Colour.

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U-POL Isopon Zinc 182 Anti-Rust Primer 1 Litre

Part no : 130019

Stock : available

- Highly effective rust inhibiting single pack primer.

- Ideal for all ferrous metal surfaces. Supplied ready for use.

- Hardens to form tough durable coating which can be over painted.

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